Healthy Beard Maintenance: How to Best Maintain Your Beard For A Healthy Look

Shampoo your beard with a natural beard shampoo.

Make sure to wash your beard 2 to 3x a week. Being consistent keeps your beard clean, smelling great, and prevent any build up from accumulating in your beard. Your beard’s hair is no different than the hair on top of your head. Make sure to buy sulfate, silicone and paraben free beard washes.

Condition! Condition! Condition! 

Keeping Yor Beard hydrated is key.

To keep your beard soft and shiny, it’s essential you use a beard oil to condition the beard and keep up its shine. Taylor B's uses natural ingredients, as well as premium essential oils & extracts. Beard oil also moisturizes the skin underneath your beard, preventing itchiness, flakes, and maintains follicle health.

Remember, your beard is only going to be as healthy as the skin underneath.

  1. Start with 2 to 5 drops in the palm of your hands and massage the beard oil into the base of your beard (it can be dry or damp) at the point of skin contact. It's best to use right before your shower, because the steam from the shower will open up your pores to get deep into the follicle hairs. 
  2. Work your hands through your beard until you’ve reached the hair tips of your beard, making sure to evenly spread the oil over your beard and the underlying skin.
  3. Apply beard oil twice a day in the morning and before bed. 
  4. You can train the beard hairs with a Boar head brush and a natural wood comb. This will also help spread the natural oil (sebum) you produce throughout your beard as well as your beard oil.

Trimming Your Beard

Trimming is essential to keeping your beard looking well kept and healthy.

Keep your beard trim using scissors instead of trimmers. Trimmers can easily create split ends and scissors allow you to fine tune your beard’s shape.

Grooming tools to train, trim, or guide your beard to be exactly how you want it. The essential tool that’s important to keep on you or near you is a beard comb.

Just know there are a multitude of options when it comes to maintaining a great-looking beard. With the right products and the right techniques for using them,  your beard will be a source of pride, confidence, and  envy of many.