Self Care: Prioritizing Yourself?


We should be holding ourselves accountable for taking good care of ourselves. The lack thereof affects everyone else around us, especially our loved ones!

In light of everything that is going on around us, "this Pandemic", our mental health should be considered at the forefront of our daily lives. Our lives may depend on how well-minded we are daily of our mental capacity to take all this shit in and not lead to depression, despair, loneliness, addictions, and suicide.

Men defeat themselves, by thinking they don't have the right to want to feel good. We know what to do, but we don't set routines such as adequate sleep, regular doctor visits, several days at the gym, choosing to clean up your diet, drinking more water, and skincare, etc. Believe it or not "SPA DAYS" should be a prerequisite!!

Prioritize yourself by creating a routine calendar (digital or write it down) of the things that you can do regularly (include family sometimes). And as time goes on, add some things that give way to making you smile, feel good about yourself, reading, or things that are a challenge for you to accomplish, such as a marathon, golfing or learning how to play the guitar. Make it fun!!

Everyday self-affirmations in the mirror in the mornings set the tone for your day! How reflective we are about ourselves, resonates with others that are around us. It also sets the tone for our children when they see us caring for ourselves in such away.

A man's self-care can be a reforming act of service to others, prompting a movement of healthy men, literally changing this world for the better.

Your care deserves its best!!