Split Ends and Stray Hairs

A common question men ask is, "how to control split ends and stray hairs in the beard"?

First off, never pluck those hairs!

Plucking beard hairs may cause irritation, infections and ingrown hairs. If it gets even worse, you need to pluck those ingrown hairs, which can again cause the same issues. 

Split ends should be trimmed, preferably every 6-8 weeks. You also want to be gentle when washing, detangling, and combing or brushing your facial mane.

The key to keeping split ends at bay is prevention!

For strays, use a heavier styler or conditioner to help control those flyaways. While beard oil will keep the beard soft and prevent itchiness, you should pick a heavier balm or other style product to smooth over the curlycues.