Beard Care and Grooming FAQs: Our Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

At Taylor B's., we're dedicated to making sure men have the information and guidance they need to grow, groom, and maintain their manes. We get a lot of questions about beards and keeping beards clean, conditioned, and moisturized, so we've put together this FAQ to help. Find answers to the most common beard growing, grooming, and styling questions.

Does beard oils really work?

Yes. Beard oil works by moisturizing the skin under your beard which greatly improves hair health and regeneration. Our beard oil helps maintain moisture and prevent protein loss to ensure that your facial hair, and skin, stay hydrated, nourished, and protected.

How often can I use beard oil?

Moisturizing your beard should be a part of your daily regimen. After every shower or every face wash, follow up with our beard oil. It will act as a moisturizer and conditioner to promote healthy hair and growth. Make sure to distribute the oil evenly and allow it to penetrate the skin.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

Yes. You can wash your beard using plain, warm water. However, to avoid dehydration of the hair (and frizz), try washing your beard 1-2x a week with a gentle shampoo. Facial skin is a lot more sensitive than the scalp, so your typical shampoo may not be ideal. Be sure to find a shampoo that removes dirt, grime, and excess oil without drying out the beard or irritating the skin too much.

Does beard oil grow your beard?

Beard oils don’t physically induce beard growth. There are tons of factors that affect hair growth. What beard oil can do is help improve overall beard health thus promoting growth by stimulating follicles and preventing hair loss.

Does shaving increase beard growth?

No. Shaving your hair, no matter where on the body, will not make hair grow back faster, thicker, or longer.

What's the perfect beard length?

Many men wear their beards at varying lengths, from a bit of stubble to a long length, duck dynasty style. The ideal length depends on your style, genetics, and grooming habits. But to play devil’s advocate:

  • A stubble beard, typically 1-3mm long, works great for those with large, round faces.
  • A short beard, 3-5mm, works best for those with even facial growth. Patchy facial hair will showcase the gaps.
  • Longer beards are best for those with solid facial hair growth. You can also use long hair to enhance facial proportions. Long hair can elongate the chin, or fill out the face.

Whatever length you choose, make sure your beard is tailored and neat. Use your trimmers every few days, rinse your beard with water or shampoo, and condition the hair daily with moisturizer or beard oil. Visit your barber every 2 weeks to tidy up strays and clean up your beard line.