Coils and Curls of Confidence and Beauty!!

  Black hair ( whether facial or on your head), has a diversity of textures and patterns. Curls and coils that have been embraced and worn with confidence, pride, and exuberance.  In embracing our hair, we've developed some of the best hair care products, mostly from our kitchens, that have led to patented inventions and examples of black excellence.

This commitment to our coils has transcended across generations and our beloved products continue to dominate the market today.

The remarkable versatility and diversity of Black hair, whether curly, coily, or straight, means that no two strands of hair are ever alike. Hair is one of our most versatile characteristics and external pieces of our personalities. 

Careful care, maintenance, and keeping the crown protected from everyday elements is imperative. A single strand of hair has the power to quite literally reveal one-of-a-kind characteristics of our DNA.

"Whether it’s curly, coiled, freshly coiffed, fried, dyed, and laid to the side (LOL),  hair has the power to set the “VIBE”. 

Self-confidence, attraction to and from others—can be sparked by a bunch of simple strands we call Hair.