Beard Care: Taylor B's. Comprehensive Step By Step Guide

Man with pinstripe barber cape getting a beard cut  

The key to a well moisturized, shiny and frizz-free beard all day every day is to lock in that moisture and smooth the hair cuticle down.

Step 1: Determine which beard oil you want to use. Is the ability to moisturize the most important feature or is fragrance what you are really looking for. Like any product, determining the most important feature is going to be critical for you to choose the right product.

Step 2: Once you determine the product that's right for you it's always best to shower first. Make sure you shampoo your beard the same way you would the hair on the top of your head. You want to make sure the hair is clean and ready for product.

Step 3: If necessary, clip your beard to desired length. I like to make sure I do this before applying any product.

Step 4: Ready to apply. Simply apply roughly 5-7 drops (depending on length and density of hair or beard) to palm of hand and distribute evenly throughout a slightly damp hair. Gently massage is in. For better distribution, brush or comb.