Our Story - Taylor B's. Beard Care

Taylor B’s. started from a love of skincare and grooming. Inspired by the tradition of barbering and old school “parlor” style barbershops, Taylor B’s offers elegant beard care products intended to elevate men's grooming from an act to an art.

Started in the kitchen of our home, we decided to formulate a special oil to be used for dry, coarse hair—a combination of botanicals and pure essential oils. From the first application, we could feel and see the life and vibrancy of our beards. We knew that we didn’t simply create a product, but we solved a hair problem.

We worked to tailor our oils to be unique to different styles of hair, whether short or long; thin, curly, or coarse. Not only can our oils be used on the beard, but it can also be applied to the face. In fact, we encourage you to as healthy skin allow our products to be more effective.

Our ingredients are specifically designed to hydrate, condition, and soften the beard promoting healthy hair, skin, and potential growth. You can expect long-lasting shine and protection while preventing itching and irritation. 

Here at Taylor B’s, this is a career to us, not just another way to make money. We’re proud of our products and we know that you will be too. As we say,